Age of Super Humans? Ultra Self Development for Expanded Consciousness

expanded consciousness for self development
Picture Depicting Astronomy and Expanded Consciousness through Reality of Self

Are we in the age of super humans like one might equate to a comic book? There is actually a large quantity of research regarding this subject matter. But what does this really mean, what are the implications of this? Most importantly, how do we apply this to ultimately advance humanity and civilization?

The answer to these questions can be summed up in the category of expanded consciousness. There have been countless research studies showing the advantages of those who have expanded consciousness and actively participate in activities that expand consciousness in comparison to their counterparts who don’t engage in these activities. Modern science has started to uncover what the ancient masters knew to be true.

According to an article by Peggy Kern, “Meditation can change the world.” The article outlines key supporting evidence and provides a trailer to a documentary following six individuals on their journey.

Self Development through Meditation for Expanded Consciousness

The underlying claim is that stillness is not only a portal for personal transformation, but also a portal that ignites human potential for global transformation. The filmmakers contend that meditative practice has the power to move humankind from being on the verge of disconnection, chaos, and crisis to connection, calmness, and enlightenment.

While this might seem far-fetched, the film – slickly produced with stunning imagery – effectively captures our individual and collective challenges, highlighting the benefits people have experienced through various contemplative practices, and offering a hopeful vision of human potential.

“The Portal” Documentary for Expanded Consciousness

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While its be proven that self development through meditation for expanded consciousness can be a powerful tool that elevates humanity and causing substantial transformation is there still a higher level?

In 1986 the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) in conjunction with the Stargate Project, awarded a contract to Consultants International (CI) to assemble a report on the testable capabilities to train Remote Viewing (RV). The Stargate project was a $20 million dollar research program that started in 1975 to attempt to identify an potential military application of psychic phenomenon.

Self Development Through Remote Viewing for Expanded Consciousness

Since this report, and many similar, the results of the collective body of research provides evidence supporting the claim that remote viewing can be systematically taught and all humans possess this innate capacity to develop the perceived extra sensory capabilities.

SRI concluded that key elements involved in remote viewing (RV) are latent ability, motivation, structured practice and conceptual framework. In other words the required gifts can be developed just as a musician, artist, or athlete develops distinctive traits needed to perfect their specialized trades. Also notably, it has been proven that people would develop this expanded consciousness experience more satisfaction in life attributed to heightened awareness.

As one can imagine, there has been many research breakthroughs since the late 80s and early 90s that provide advanced understanding. But aggregately, there is still a lot of questions and mysteries that we have yet to discover about unlocking the true power of the mind. Although, if one can apply this information in regards to practicing advanced self development techniques, one can substantially improve overall growth curve and quality of life.

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