2030 Energy Apocalypse? Urgency for Renewable Energy

Alternative Energy
Picture revealing Renewable Energy options.

It is no secret that there has been global energy concerns and several global problems that have arose from our past energy consumption.   But just how urgent is this problem? 

In an article by The Guardian it is estimated that we need to decrease rising climate temperature by 45% by 2030 with primary cause due to green house gas omission from oil consumption. 

The Need for Renewable Energy.

“We must reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero or face more floods.”

Said Nicholas Stern.

“Policymakers commissioned the report at the Paris climate talks in 2016, but since then the gap between science and politics has widened. Donald Trump has promised to withdraw the US – the world’s biggest source of historical emissions – from the accord. The first round of Brazil’s presidential election on Sunday put Jair Bolsonaro into a strong position to carry out his threat to do the same and also open the Amazon rainforest to agribusiness.

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In addition to the direct inverse impact as a result of energy, several economic challenges are also can lead to demise by 2030. 

In the book by Colin Mason, former advisor to Thai government, several possible mass apocalyptic scenarios are outlined threatening human existence by the year of 2030.

Companies like Panasonic have started to make changes stating their bold development plans to convert to renewable energy by consuming less energy than produced by 2050.  Critics are concerned if these efforts are yet fast enough?  Can we increase the rate of this growth curve? Is there anything else that can be done?

The answer to these questions can be summed up in one methodology.  This methodology pertains to expanding collective consciousness and understanding the urgency to make drastic changes within the next 5 to 10 years.  Environmentalists say mass extinction is not an area that they would like to flirt with the edge considering humanity is facing severe and apparent threats.  

The city of Lawrence, KS home of the University of Kansas has announced plans to cut energy consumption by 50% in the next 5 years. 

Abrupt Action Steps for 2030 Apocalypse

“The city’s Sustainability Advisory Board has recommended some environmental goals for the city, including that the city adopt a policy as soon as possible to achieve 100% use of renewable energy in all city functions by 2025.”

“Across the U.S., more than 100 cities and counties have adopted 100% clean energy goals, according to a list maintained by the Sierra Club. Six cities have already hit their targets.”

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In order to have a chance of withstanding the energy shortage and other global concerns associated with an advanced human civilization we must hyper evolve to meet these challenges. It is important that we expand consciousness and awareness collectively in order to survive future global apocalypse by exploring renewable energy. This means understanding our responsibility to the environment and making it a priority to continue to research and improve upon existing technologies.

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